Our coaches have worked hard to prepare some resources for you to use while we are unable to train. Below is host of resources listed for you to exercise and continue to train at home. Please only exercise if you are well and do sessions that are appropriate for your 'Biological' and 'Training' age.


Biological Age - How old you are...

Training Age - How long you have been training for a particular sport or level.


Also, please ensure you are fully warmed up and fit to do any exercise before you begin. This will help ensure that you avoid injuries get the most out of the training. Click HERE for this simple warm up.

All of these ideas/sessions should be possible at home, in the garden or a local park.


Circuit link 3

Sprint link 1

Plyometrics 1

Juniors/Beginners - Suitable for all

Basic work out - For children

Gary's circuit:

Please just ensure you stay safe and follow the government's current advise. We look forward to resuming training as soon as it is suitable to do so.

I would also recommencement adults and those that want a deeper in depth look into athletics training (and coaching) to got to ucoach.com

If you have any good links/ideas please send them to SuttonHarriers@gmail.com so we can share them with the club.