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Road Race Standards

After reviewing the Road Race Standards for the Club, it was decided to revise them.

The new standard times are based on the  NATIONAL AGE-GRADE TABLES.

These tables compare times with a group of the top world times produced by a number of elite athletes in each 5-year age group.

It is our intention for this to make the Standards more generous to Club Members.

Note from April 2022 when these new times come into effect a new race distance will be introduced, this being for 5K.


Park Run times will NOT BE ALLOWED for this distance, because Park Runs are not accurately measured


The new STANDARDS will therefore be set at a percentage of the AGE-GRADE TABLES

DIAMOND       85%

GOLD             78%

SILVER           72%

BRONZE         65%


These standards are for Sutton-in-Ashfield Harriers & Athletic Club First Claim Members ONLY

To be awarded a DIAMOND-GOLD-SILVER-BRONZE AWARD the necessary STANDARD must be achieved in THREE of the SIX distances in the required AGE GROUPS the lowest standard achieved will be the ONE AWARDED


The STANDARDS must be achieved in a 12 month period from achieving the first registered grading

Times and details to be registered with a member of the General Committee. Presentation will be given


These standards would come into effect from the year

APRIL 2022

Updated April 2022

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