Athletes, coaches, parents, officials, volunteers and all members of Sutton Harriers,


A big thank you to everyone for all their efforts to keep athletics going through these extremely difficult times.

No matter how big or small, everyone’s contribution have been needed and is much appreciated. By pulling together we have been able to run, jump and throw our way through this year.


Sport is hugely important in mental and physical well-being so this year more than ever we all need to stay strong.

The committee welcome any feedback and support as we go into a hopefully much improved 2021. 

Cross Country 2019 -2020

U11 Girls

1st - Abigale Howell

2nd - Olivia Niemcow

3rd - Emily Pares & Olivia Wilson

U13 Girls

1st - Iris Clarke

2nd - Freya Vincent

3rd - Ruby Vickers

U15 Girls

1st - Charlotte Vickers

2nd - Daisy Boswell

3rd - Lauren Ellis

Junior Women

1st - Caitlin Elliott

Senior Women

1st - Claire Watson

2nd - Lisa Staley

3rd - Tracy Parker

Master Women


1st - Claire Watson


1st - Lisa Staley

2nd - Tracy Parker

Sporting Endeavour

Junior Girls - Isabella Watson

Senior Women - TBC

U11 Boys

1st - Lucas Broadhead

2nd - Leo Cotterill

3rd - Jack Pares

U13 Boys 

1st - Jacob Nugent

2nd - Liam Turner

3rd - Lucas Gibbs

U15 Boys 

1st - Alex Betts

2nd - Nathaniel Hinchley & Luke Hudd

3rd - Cameron Turner

Junior Men 

1st - Samuel Moakes

2nd - Charlie Norman

3rd - Adam Knights

Senior Men 

1st - Dan Nugent

2nd - Richard Robinson

3rd - Paul Whittingham

Master Men


1st - Dan Nudent 

2nd - David Cass

3rd - Nick Burnside


1st - Paul Whittingham

2nd - Dean Cross

3rd - Nick Luke

Sporting Endeavour

Junior Boys - Niall Dobb

Senior Men - TBC

Sportshall 2019 -2020

U11 Girls

1st - Lacey Gregory

2nd - Sadie Guy

3rd - Freya Martin

U13 Girls

1st - Katie Spendlove & Ruby Vickers

2nd - Freya Vincent

3rd - Georgia Dobb

U15 Girls

1st - Eve Kimberley

2nd - Charlotte Vickers

3rd - Ami Gilbert

Sporting Endeavour

Junior Girls - Sophie Peet

U11 Boys

1st - Lucas Broadhead

2nd - Leo Cotterill

3rd - Jack Pares

U13 Boys 

1st - Owen Wright

2nd - Lucas Gibbs

3rd - Finley Locker & Bradley Budd

U15 Boys 

1st - Luke Hudd

2nd - Thomas Budd

3rd - Nathaniel Hinchley

Sporting Endeavour

Junior Boys - Fletcher Harpham

Club Handicaps - 2020

Ran Virtually around the same course 

Draycott Cup

1st - Claire Watson

2nd - Michelle Wilkinson

3rd - Natalie Thomson

Portland Handicap

1st - Pauk Frith

2nd - Matt Frost

3rd - Mark Pidcock

Summer 2020 Acknowledgements

With the 2020 Season disrupted so much we would like to acknowledge all members that have competed in the summer months.

Track and Field

Junior Girls- Claire Watson


Iris Clarke

Isabella Skelton

Felicia Miloro


Jess Waters

Caprice Miloro

Road Running


Gemma Bacon

Michelle Willcocks

Claire Watson

Lisa Staley

Junior Boys Watson

Harrison Simms

Stanley Clarke

Nathaniel Hinchley

Cameron Rawson


Jordan Mitchell

John Kelley

Paul Castledine


Adam Knights

Samuel Moakes

Darren Greasley

David Cass

Chris Day

Gary Bird

Dean Cross

Rob Pearce