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Great Grimsby 10k
22 July 2018
This was the second year that I'd entered the Great Grimsby 10k and I knew that it would be a good race to get a personal best time. Although not exactly flat, the course had no significant hills was on good smooth roads.
I got there at 9am in plenty of time for the race start at 10am, and contacted Darren Edmonds who was also running to meet up. On my way towards the town centre I bumped into Gary Berzins (who I didn't know had entered) and we all made our way to the start line with over three thousand others. With so many there we didn't spot Anton Newell at any time during the day.
Luckily I was on the first wave and started at the front with Gary. It was very hot just standing there and I just wanted to get going.
My aim was to get inside of the forty two minute mark and to run consistent miles at 6 min 45 sec pace. I was also trying to achieve the club bronze time and felt pretty confident of doing it especially as Darren promised to buy me a pint in if I beat my pb.
We got underway and had to keep checking the watch and slow myself down as the pace was sub 6 minutes when I first checked it. I settled down and the first mile went by in 6:20. I felt ok but as I'd raced on Friday evening in the Kegworth 5 mile I wasn't sure if I would last for the entire race. The 40 minute pacers passed me and the thought came into my head that if I latched onto them they'd pull me around. However after about 200 meters I soon realised it was a bad idea. There was no way I could sustain the pace for the remaining distance so I went back to my original plan. A couple more miles went by and it was clear to me that if I didn't do anything stupid (and my left calf that was starting to hurt a little didn't get any worse) I'd achieve my aim.
As the km to go markers counted down and the end was nearly in sight I had the urge to slow up and had to fight with myself to keep it going. My body was screaming for me to stop and looking around I was not the only one in pain.
On the long road back to the town center there was a band playing with lots of drums below a flyover. The sound echoed underneath the structure and was ear splitting. It all added to the experience.
Off the main road now and onto the side road heading for the finish in a large park.
The sound of the loudspeakers could be heard and I knew that the suffering would soon be over. One more push and onto the grassy finishing straight fighting all the way over the line. I'd done it. Not only a pb by two minutes but a club silver standard time.
After receiving t shirts and medals we met up at at a barge that was converted into a bar and heavily listing to one side. It didn't stop the beer tasting like amber nectar.
It was a fantastic day out as well as a superb race. Definitely one for the diary again in 2019.

Saturday Morning Running Sessions.


Our Saturday running group meet at the Ashfield Pub car park at 8am. We welcome everyone including non-members as well as anyone who would like to start running. It is organised by John Dale who is a qualified Sutton Harriers coach.

Please see our monthly training schedule HERE to see the sessions.

If you would like to contact John his email is


Annual Christmas Run

Jacksdale to Matlock

On a nice sunny day after Christmas 23 members started out from Jacksdale on their annual1 5 mile run from Jacksdale to Matlock. We started running along the canal, up to Golden Valley up the hill past the police headquarters

and through paths, woods and pavements before dropping

onto the canal path at Ambergate. After 5 miles along the

Canal with the sun shining we arrived at Cromford

and continued onto Matlock on the pavement. Afterwards

there was a well deserved pint and food at a the local pub.

2019 Nottinghamshire + Derbyshire Cross Country County Championships

Wollaton Park, Nottingham - 5th January 2019

11:00 - U11 Girls

11:15  - U11 Boys

11:30 - U17 Men

11:55 - Snr/Vet Women

12:05 - U13 Boys

12:35 - U20/Snr/Vet Men


12:45 - U13 Girls

13:30 - U17/20 Women

14:00 - U15 Boys 

14:20 - U15 Girls

Distances are approximate 

Map of the course can be found HERE


Abbie Ellis, Erin Ryan, Ruby Vickers

Jacob Nugent, Jude Ryan, Hugo Thomson, Lucas Gibbs(Derbys)

Lewis Boswell, Will Fairweather, Charlie Norman, Mark Thompson

Snr - Molly Johnson, Claire Watson, Michelle Willcocks

Vet - Natalie Thomson, Lisa Slaney

Nathaniel Hinchley

U20 - Ben Burnham Samuel Moakes(Derbys)

Snr - Kristian Watson

Vet - David Ward, David Cass, Dan Nugent, Wayne Lowe, Mark Pidcock,                     Nick Burnside, Dean Cross, Dave Herbert, Craig Linacre, Anton Newel,               Conrad Watson, Nick Luke, Bruce Clarke(Derbys)

Daisy Boswell, Philippa Woolley(Derby), Iris Clarke(Derbys)

Lauren Anthony, Freja Strom, Sophie Taylor, Megan Yorke

Alex Bett, Luke Hudd, Cameron Turner, Jacob Yorke, Stanley Clarke(Derbys)

Caitlin Elliott, Lauren Ellis, Charlotte Vickers, Abigail Woolley(Derbys)

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Christmas 2019



A huge thank you to all that took part in our festive activities.

Photo's from the Juniors Christmas Session can be found HERE and Results for the Adult's Christmas Relay Handicap are HERE

Cross Country County Championships are 5th January 2019 at Wollaton Park.

Training at Ashfield School resumes Tuesday 8th January 2019, but most coaches(excluding U11's and U13's) will be running sessions while we're off so please contact your coach directly to find out what they are doing.

In the mean time please keep us up to date with your training with #SuttonHarriers (or @SuttonHarriers)  on Instagram or Twitter.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Booth Decorators LeagueResults

Bakewell Showground, Bakewell - 2nd December 2018

23 Runners took part in the soggy Booths race in Bakewell with Samuel Moakes taking his second win of the season and Dean Cross also taking 1st in his Age Category. Wayne Lowe, Keith Brown, Sophie Taylor and Tony Staniland all took top three finishes in their categories.

Team Positions:

Overall - 6th

Women - 9th

Men    - 3rd

Next race is Sunday 20th January 2019 at Trent Meadow, Long Eaton - We hope to see you there!!!

North Midlands Cross Country League Results

Shipley Country Park, Heanor - 1st December 2018

8 of our athletes ran on Saturday with Iris Clarke taking her 3rd win of the series meaning a win at the final race will make it a clean sweep by the Under 11. Lewis Boswell and Charlie Norman again were our only team to finish, with 10th and 15th respectively, finishing 4th team.

Team Positions:

U17 Men     - 6th 

So with just the final race left of the series left lets have a look at the current season standings...

U11 Girls - Iris Clarke       -  1st

U13 Girls - Daisy Boswell   - 18th

U17 Men - Lewis Boswell   - 10th

U17 Men - Charlie Norman - 11th

U17 Men's Team - 4th

Final race is Saturday 12th January 2019 at Wollaton Park, Nottingham

Nottinghamshire + Derbyshire Cross Country County Championships

Wollaton Park - 5th January 2019

This year's county Championships will again double as our club championships.

Nottinghamshire entries can be postal or online at The closing date for Nottinghamshire is the 16th of December.

The Derbyshire entry form is here and the closing date is the 9th of December.

If you are entering, please speak to Harold Billings, Paul Whittingham or Julie Mitchell.


Big Cross Country weekend - #2

10th November 2018 - North Midlands Cross Country League - Wicksteed Park

   With just 4 athletes traveling to Kettering we failed to finish a team in any of the age groups except the U17 Men's with Lewis Boswell and Charlie Norman bringing the team home in 6th again. 

   Iris Clark ran her legs off to win in the U11 Girls race making it Two-from-Two and Daisy Boswell finished in 30th in the U13 Girls race.

Team Positions:

U17 Men     - 6th 

The U17 Mens team is in 4th Overall.

11th November 2018 - Notts Mini-League Cross Country - Mansfield

The third Mini League Cross Country saw 26 athletes running with 17 in the U11's age group and just 2 U13's. the Team finished in 4th which keeps us in 4th overall with two races left.

Team Positions: - 4th

U11 Girls - 3rd

U11 Boys -  1st

U13 Girls - 6th

U13 Boys - 7th - No Athletes!!!

U15 Girls - 4th

U15 Boys - 3rd

After 3 races Ruby Vickers, Freya Vincent, Jude Ryan, Jacob Nugent and Caitlin Elliott are all sitting in the top 5 in their individual age groups with Maisey Gaunt very close(As she missed the first race)

11th November 2018 - Booth Decorators League - Chaddesden Park

At the Booths Cross Country League the team finished in 6th with Samuel Moakes, Wayne Lowe, Nick Burnside, Dean Cross, Keith Brown, Tony Staniland, Lisa Staley, Freya Strom and Sophie Taylor all taking top 5 finished in their age categories.

Team Positions: - 6th

Women,- 7th

Men    - 6th

Click here for ALL the results

English Cross Country Relays 

3rd November 2018 - Berry Hill Park, Mansfield


U13 Girls

Incomplete Team - 5th - 19:45 

 9:36.55 - Daisy Boswell

10:08.50 - Philippa Woolley

U15 Boys

94th - 28:18

 8:34.10 - Charlotte Vickers

10:32.50 - Lauren Ellis

 9:11.60  - Abigail Woolley

U15 Boys

75th - 22:28

7:39.30 - Cameron Turner

7:45.90 - Luke Hudd

7:03.05 - Stanley Clarke

Incomplete Team - 18 - 7:46

 7:46.85 - Jacob Yorke

U17 Women

56th - 33:50

10:47.00 - Sophie Taylor

12:21.55 - Megan Yorke

10:41.85 - Freja Storm

U17 Men

61st - 31:45

10:23.65 - Mark Thompson

10:20.00 - Lewis Boswell

11:02.10  - Charlie Norman

Incomplete Team - 19th 10:54

10:54.55 - William Fairweather

U20 Men

42nd - 32:12

 8:58.60 - Samuel Moakes

 9:50.45 - Ben Burnham

13:23.10 - Thomas Whelham

Senior Women

43rd - 35:49

10:34.90 - Michelle Willcocks

11:25.40 - Molly Johnson

13:49.60 - Yvette Robinson

88th - 42:38

12:35.85 - Claire Watson

15:02.65 - Sue Bradley

15:00.25 - Mel Cook

Senior Men

58th - 1:10:26

16:38.65 - Kristian Watson

17:35.40 - Dan Nugent

17:25.15 - Richard Robinson

18:47.65 - Chris Holmes

108th - 1:19:47

18:48.50 - Dean Cross

19:45.15 - Wayne Lowe

20:27.15 - Nick Luke

20:46.35 - Conrad Watson

134th - 1:28:47

20:23.60 - Jordan Mitchell

22:23.60 - Dave Herbert

22:10.25 - Paul Dobbs

23:49.75 - Anton Newell

A huge well done and thank you to all of our athletes that competed at the relays. your support at the event is hugely appreciated.