Endurance Group


Lead by John, Paul or Phil

Hi All

Here is your March schedule.

It is the last month of our winter training, from next month we will be on the field.
We have a hill session on Saturday 21 March where all are welcome.

There will be a email stating when the Booths Cross Country at Holmebrook is.


The Road Leagues will both start in April with;

Booths at Teversal on Tuesday 7th

Summer League at Hexgreave on Wednesday 22nd 

Well, that's all for now

Schedule - mar 20.PNG

Thursday Endurance Group

Tracy Parker and Mick Moakes' sessions all start with a couple of laps of the track to loosen the legs followed by Tracy's dynamic warm up.

The session ends with 60 metre strides and a few essential stretches.


Each session is timed by Mick to monitor each athlete's progress.

Everyone is welcome. All standards and fitness levels